Real Life After Life

The liberation of consciousness from the shackles of time.

Autor: Sedlacek, Klaus-Dieter.

For us humans the question of the temporal end of our existence is of great importance. The answer that faith seeks is not the task and goal of this book, but the rational answer.
The author remains on the ground of science and soberly examines how far we can reveal the mystery of the temporal end and answer the question from the scientific facts and from the standpoint of logical thinking: Is there life after life?
But what can science contribute to a subject that is otherwise occupied by philosophy and the various faiths?
The answer is: very much! For in natural science there are the extremely strange phenomena of quantum physics, which, despite their oddity, have the potential to shed light on those areas that philosophy has not yet been able to illuminate.
In the end, there is confidence and the light of knowledge about the liberation of consciousness from the shackles of time.

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